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Grafenwoehr Furnished Apartments

Beautiful apartments and suites, only 500 meters to GTA's gate 1


Welcome to Grafenwoehr Furnished Apartments, your home away from home!

This beautiful 18th-century building has beed converted into a luxurious and comfortable apartment house. Grafenwoehr Furnished Apartments reaches 3 stories and is located in the heart of Grafenwoehr, just 500 meters to GTA's gate 1
Each of the 18 modern apartments and suites are equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette and allow self-sufficiency.

With a prime Grafenwoehr adress and inspiring design, Grafenwoehr Furnished Apartments invites you to indulge into the ultimate furnished apartment experience.

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Grafenwoehr Furnished Apartments offers a desirable closeness to Grafenwoehr Training Area (GTA) and its gates 1 and 3.

Set in one of the most prestigious buildings in the heart of Grafenwoehr, Grafenwoehr Furnished Apartments is within walking distance to Grafenwoehr Training Area. It is also around the corner of the Marktplatz where you’ll find the farmer’s market every Thursday and the Christmas market in December. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon drinking and eating on the restaurant patios. The Stadtpark off Neue Ambergerstrasse is almost right outside the door and is a beautiful place to walk and rest! You’ll find a small stream running through it, ducks going for a swim, benches, and a playground.

Grafewoehr Furnished Apartments is within a convenient distance to Vilseck, Netzaberg, Hohenfels and Weiden.